About Us

We are passionate people who want to share our experience. We are fortunate enough to be able to fly, and especially to be able to share this jet fighter ride with you.

Meet the team



Director, airline pilot with more than 10,000 flying hours, in charge of operations



Director, airline pilot, aerobatic instructor, with more than 8,000 flying hours



Director, in charge of sales & marketing, media and events, as well as investors relations.

Our maintenance is done by Horizon Aircraft located at Royal Air Force Base St Athan in Cardiff



Chief Pilot, RAF’s Chief Gliding Instructor with more than 12500 hours of flying experience in more than 200 aircrafts including Lightning, Phantom, Tornado (both variants), Gnat, Hunter and Jet Provost, among many others!

Access to Lydd Airport

We fly from Lydd Airport in the South of England. We fly along the beautiful white cliffs of the south coast.

Access by car

From London – follow the M20 till Ashford, then onto the A2070 towards Rye, and onto the A259 towards New Romney. Lydd Airport is just 20mn drive away from Ashford and the motorway.  If you are coming from the southern coast, enjoy the scenic road.

Access by train

The nearest train station are Rye or Appledore (Southern). You will need to book a cab to reach the airport (10mn drive). Ashford and Ashford International are 20mn away.

Access by Eurostar

The Eurostar stops at Ashford International (some trains do). Then the easiest way to get to Lydd is either to get a cab or rent a car. Ashford International is 20mn from Lydd Airport

Access by the Channel Tunnel

See access by car – coming out of the Tunnel, drive 30mn to Lydd Airport, first on the M20 to reach Ashford.

Access by air

Opening Times 0830-1900 local time
Extensions by arrangement H24 available
Runway 03/21 1505m x 32m
ILS, RNAV, NDB instrument approaches
Fire Category 2. Cat 3-6 on request
ATIS 129.225
APP/TWR 120.7
TWR 119.375 when directed
ATC Contact Details
Telephone +44 (0) 1797 320881 or +44 (0) 1797 422417

See Lydd Airport website for additional information

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