A flight in a jet fighter is an extraordinary experience. And of course, you may have some questions about it. Below are some of the usual questions that are put forward. You will find some of the answers you may ask. And if you can not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it safe to fly a jet fighter ?


The jet fighter is maintained to the best standards and in accordance to current regulations. The Civil Aviation Authority actually checks each year that the aircraft, the pilots and parts are up to their specified standards and qualifications. Safety is paramount and safety is at the heart of our first concern.



There are some restrictions to flying in the L-39 Albatros: You must not have heart problems, no neurological problems, no serious back problems, not being pregnant, You must not be over 1m95 (6.4 ft) and weight more than 100kg (220.4 lbs).

Can i wear glasses during the flight ?


Simply make sure you are comfortable with your pair of glasses in the helmet.

Should I eat before the flight?


Yes you should. You will need some energy for the flight and especially to sustain G force. Therefore we recommend you have a “reasonable” meal, breakfast or lunch. Refrain from drinking alcohol, including the day before. You will also need energy to cope with the “emotions” or “stress” of the jet fighter flight. So, eat, lightly, and avoid food and drinks that can turn your stomach funny such as orange juice and coffee.

What if I am sick ?

Not a problem

Many people are afraid of being sick during the fighter jet ride. Some are, some are not and it is impossible to tell before who will be. Do not worry about being sick. If you are, simply tell the pilot you are not feeling too well. You are in constant communication with the pilot, so do not be afraid to let him know. Usually we tend to do the aerobatics at the end of the flight, so if you are really sick, we can also shorten the program to land to stop your misery. At worse, we have a little sick bag… Most of the time, people are not sick. So do not worry too much.

Can I take my camera in the cockpit ?


No you cannot, for security reasons. It is highly dangerous to have an object moving about in the cockpit if you drop your camera as it can block the controls of the plane.

Can i get a film of my flight ?


Although we do not let you take your camera in the aircraft, we have mounted GoPro Cameras in the cockpit to record the flight. There are usually 2 cameras, one filming the nose of the aircraft (front view), and another one filming the passenger. We can also add a side view camera should you wish to. This may come at an added cost. You can get the film on a HD USB card.

how much does the flight cost  ?

2000 GBP for a 30mn flight

If you want to fly longer let us know in advance and we will be able to work out a price. As a trial flight, 30mn is well enough to see what it’s like to fly a jet fighter.

Should i book in advance?


We try to be flexible but you should book well in advance to ensure you can fly at your preferred date.

How do I book a flight ?

See our “Book a Flight” section

Can I bring some friends and relatives ?


You can bring friends and relatives to share this flight experience. They will be allowed on the tarmac to take a few pictures of you and the aircraft. Then they can watch you take-off and land from the viewing area. Lydd Airport has a great restaurant and bar so they can wait for your return in a nice atmosphere.

Should i rest after the flight ?


Sustaining G force can be tiring and it is not uncommon for people who fly a jet for the first time to feel tired after the experience. Therefore we would advise to rest a little before driving away from the airport. You can take 30mn or 1hour just to regain all your energy.

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